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April  2015

Unseasonably hot winter and spring temperatures continue in our forecast. These combined with a lack of rain can shorten any roof's effective life. Consider an inspection to be sure or your roof's condition.


Wether a small home or a large commercial building, the key to your roofs's longevity is maintenance.  Let us help you get more years from your roof.  more

title 24

Are you considering a re-roof? City of Los Angeles Title 24 is now in effect.  Our professional roofers are fully informed and ready to assist you with all the details.

keeping a good ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD IS THE foundation to protecting your home or business


Whether a home or business, your roof does a truly important job.   It keeps you and your belongings dry in the rain, shaded in the sun and safe from wind. It keeps out the storms and takes a beating when hail falls. Keeping your roof in good shape should be near the top of your list for regular maintenance. A leak in your roof can cause thousands of dollars in damages.

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